Many motorsport enthusiasts have the dream of becoming the best racing driver to his or her ability but get lost in all the different approaches that are possible to achieving their goal. Driver coaching has been around for a long time but none is as complete as being introduced now by the newly formed Grouve Motorsport University. All the expertise is being combined into a comprehensive program with which the participants maximize their own potential.

Gerard Grouve has taken the art of driver- and team management in motorsport to the next level and developed a unique concept with the establishment of the newly founded Grouve Motorsport University. Derived from his long experience in motorsport and a vast network of professionals in motorsport and affiliated areas, Gerard Grouve has combined these opportunities into an innovative program accessible to professional and amateur racing drivers who wish to achieve the maximum level in their motorsport career.

Gerard Grouve is an icon within the community of motorsport professionals thanks to the remarkable achievements during his long career. Gerard Grouve managed to create various champions in the past and had a significant role in the rise of the hottest new Formula 1 driver at this moment. Ranging from national rally champions, top 5 Dakar Rally drivers to the hottest talent in recent Formula 3 times. Apart from individual driver management and coaching, he was also the architect of one of the most successful and remarkable Le Mans debuts in the past decades, the first prototype victory for the Porsche brand in the 24 hours of Le Mans since the ban of the GT1 class by Van Merksteijn Motorsport with the Porsche RS Spyder.

Grouve University has opened its doors and it’s potential is made accessible to everybody who wants to take his career one or more steps up and is eager to grow and have the ambition of becoming the best. We make champions and you could be the next one!

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